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By Jhansher Khan

I would like to talk about the voices we have on the internet. Do we really have a way to voice our opinions over the corporate sector? It is true that most of what we hear from the media is filtered through institutions. This may include magazine companies for example. According to Dr.Strangelove’s CMN 2160 class, we are all generally obsessed with celebrity life and billions of dollars are invested in celebrity related content in the media. Why are we so obsessed with celebrity culture? We somehow believe that celebrity culture is an ideal cultural background to follow. We want to be like celebrities, we want to behave like celebrities, we even want to use the same products as celebrities. Our love for the world of celebrities is just feeding the corporate system.

A blogger by the name of Perez Hilton (http://www.perezhilton.com/) , as Dr.Strangelove brought up in class, is feeding the corporate world more and more by feeding us more celebrity gossip, celebrity life and celebrity culture. He has become more of a media outlet of information, than institutions that sell celebrity life based magazines. Is he a threat to the corporate world since he is so successful in “turning heads” in his direction? Of course not, he is actually a benefit to the corporate world since he is feeding the mass population exactly what the corporations want.

According to an article called, “Celebrity Culture” by Kristine Harmon, she states that The technological and media changes that have occurred so quickly with such force, that have given birth to our celebrity culture in a relatively short period of time, are for many disheartening.” ( http://www.iasc-culture.org/HHR_Archives/Celebrity/ ) This is absolutely true, technology has given us more access than ever to celebrity culture, as it actually contributed to the uprise in celebrity culture more than ever before.

This isn't a Real Advertisement, this just displays how far the Corporate World can take Celebrity Advertising

Therefore, since society loves celebrity culture so much, why not use the actual celebrities to sell our products in the corporate world? Since they are already consuming celebrity culture, why not sell our products as well? Think about it, its a win-win situation, both celebrity culture and the corporate culture would benefit. Also, the corporations who produce these products would gain a great profit from this marketing strategy as well.






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